Angie Kirby is a poet, singer-songwriter and artist from Cardiff. She is the creator and lead singer / guitarist for Miss Maud’s Folly, (a Cardiff based troupe who describe their style as folk gypsy jazz cabaret) and The Mignonettes, a trio with cellist and acclaimed composer Eloise Gynn and virtuoso violinist Bethan Frieze. In addition to performing original compositions, they arrange delicate renditions of traditional folk ballads, and haunting, mesmerising interpretations of medieval Sephardic music.

In 2008 Angie trained in Barcelona with opera coach Arianne Rees, focusing on classical soprano, along with the vocal styles synonymous with Arabic and Sephardic music. She has a rich, distinctive voice, which alternates between strong, deep and resonant and a delicate soprano with a “truly world-class vibrato”.

Her narrative style of songwriting highlights her skills as a storyteller, and whilst some songs take a more autobiographical approach, with stark observations on love, behaviour and desire, others are macabre folk tales full of dark imagery and menacing Dickensian characters.

When it comes to poetry, Angie is particularly inspired by nature and has created poems for various projects and organisations, including Home, written for the climate change charity Size of Wales and Our Orchard, commissioned by Cardiff and Vale Health Charity. Angie is a passionate environmentalist and believes storytelling has the innate ability to transform the way we view the world and is an essential component of activism.

A keen collaborator, she is always interested to hear about new and exciting projects. Click here if you would like to get in touch.

Angie is also a talented jeweller and sculptor. You can view her work here.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Angie, I saw you perform at Hiraeth and your music was so beautiful. There was one track that I particularly loved but don’t know the name. Is there anywhere i can listen to your music and maybe you are able to give me a track list of what you played that night. Thank you so much. Warm wishes, Kalpana

    1. Hi Kalpana, thank you for your lovely message and apologies for the late reply. Of the songs we played that night, two were mine (All the Lovers and Soft as Snow) and the other was a Sephardic lullaby called Durme Durme. As we’re quite a new trio we don’t have anything to share just yet, but we will be recording soon! If you like I can let you know when this will be available online? I’m so pleased you enjoyed our set. Thanks so much for getting in touch. Best wishes, Angie

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