Miss Maud’s Folly

Angie is the lead singer and song-writer of Miss Maud’s Folly, a folk noir troupe with elements of cabaret and gypsy jazz.


Taken from Miss Maud’s Folly’s debut album review:

At its core are the whimsically tragic lyrics of front-lady Angie Kirby:

‘Oh, the times that we lived!
Oh, but the dreams that we missed!
Always looking ahead
The words that we said
Silently fell to their deaths’

There are tales of the charms of recklessness and of timeless shadowy surroundings, of hidden passions and malicious intent. No matter the theme however, Angie’s voice is always candle lit. It can often feel like being led by the hand through a drunken 17th century street party or waltzing with a dangerous figment of someone else’s imagination”.



One thought on “Miss Maud’s Folly

  1. Hi Angie, I met you a few times in the bunk house days. I was drawn in from walking down past and heard this sub sonic bass sound, stuck my head in and couldn’t believe my ears and eyes. The most beautiful voice and girl singing and playing French cafe music and accompanied by a viola playing girl from Zennor and a Manzarek sounding keyboard. Great memories. I am the Scottish guy, Billy, you gave me a cd and I tried to get you a gig in Cotswolds but the land lord turned out to be a &$£#er. Would love to see you guys I’d youre still playing. Cheers.

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